10 Best Keyword Research Tools and Their Top Feature

What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a process utilized by PPC, SEO, Content, and Marketing professionals to help reveal commonly used keywords and phrases, searched by people, to maximize the effectiveness of their web content.

Writing quality content on topics that will interest your target audience is great. Using the right words – keywords or keyphrases – helps your audience find this content.

Once you choose your keywords, you’ll want to use them as naturally as possible, making an effort to get them into the headline, subheadings, and the first paragraph of your post.


How Do You Choose Keywords?

The quick way to choose your keywords is to think about the words your ideal visitor is likely to use to find content like yours, use them, and then check back in 4 months to a year to see what the results have been like.

The smart way, however – that is why you’re here, right? – is to use a suite of the best tools on the web. Many of the following resources will do wonders for your campaign free of charge.

1. Find keyword ideas with Google’s Keyword Planner

2. Spot keyword trends with Google Trends

3. Uncover long-tail keywords KeywordTool.io

4. Turn keywords into topics with Answer the Public

5. Score Ranking Potential with the Moz Keyword Explorer

6. Analyze PPC Competition with Spyfu

7. Analyze organic competitors with SEMRush

8. Audit the Search Engine Results Page with SERP Checker

9. Discover Related Keywords with LSI Graph

10. And Finally, One Keyword Tool with it All? Try KWFinder


While keyword research might seem to be slowing things down, it’s actually fast-tracking your strategy by focusing you on the keywords that are important to your business. They will also suggest how much work will be involved and who you will be competing with.

Whether you need a keyword generator or a tool to help you analyze your SEO strategy, you’ll find something to suit every need in this list. Give them a try, experiment, and run with the blend that works best for you.