How to Increase Blog Traffic with Facebook and Instagram

Here at Volume Nine, we try out best to live healthily (though we all enjoy the occasional pizza lunch). So when Vitamin World – a wellness and nutritional supplement company – approached us to boost their website traffic through social media content amplification, we jumped at the opportunity.

The Goals

The three goals that aligned with the customer journey were:

  1. Increase traffic and visits to their blog, measured by website sessions to the blog from social media blog amplification campaigns.
  2. Boost brand credibility and authority, measured by shares and engagement with content from social media blog amplification campaigns.
  3. Reach new relevant audiences and get them familiar with the brand, measured by new users to the website and the reach/impression of audiences not connected to Vitamin World.

The Strategy

With a thriving industry and a fun brand, we knew we could strike marketing gold if the message got in front of the right people. So we relied on Facebook’s robust targeting capabilities to create our successful campaign.  Our core strategies were:

Create and target custom audiences on Facebook and Instagram

To craft highly targeted audiences to drive engagement, we used data from several sources:

  • Blog categories – We created segment audiences using interests, behaviors, and demographics based on Vitamin World’s blog categories and topics.
  • Behavior on website – We examined user behavior on the website, including visits to certain product/category pages, cart abandonments, and previous purchases, to segment audience.
  • Competitor audience – Another audience included users that were not already connected to Vitamin World, but they interacted with competitors and were qualified potential new customers.
  • Existing customers – The final segment audiences came from Vitamin World’s existing customer e-mail lists.

vitamin world case study sample audiences

Craft blog ad sets for Facebook and Instagram

Below are examples of the different formats for the amplified content/ads that showed up in user’s Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds. Each was promoted to different custom audiences we created that were relevant to the content & objective of that blog. We used different copy and messaging in each ad to speak to the desires of the targeted audience.

vitamin world facebook instagram case study

The Results

Goal #1) Increase traffic and visits to blog

vitamin world case study results

Goal #2) Boost brand credibility and authority

vitamin world case study results

Goal #3) Reach new relevant audiences and familiarize them with the brand

vitamin world case study results

Bonus results

  • Built the audience at the top of the funnel by bringing new users to the site and tracking their actions using the Facebook Pixel.
  • Brought users to the middle of the funnel with content that established Vitamin World as a trustworthy source of information in the industry.
  • 606 users initiated checkout on the website after clicking through one of the blog post ads.
  • 102 users used the ‘Store Locator’ on the website after clicking through one of the blog posts ads.
  • 40 users made a purchase on the website after clicking through one of the blog post ads.

Looking for natural supplements to boost your health? Visit Vitamin World today to shop their range of vitamins, supplements, proteins, and more.

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