How to Choose the Right Hashtags When Promoting Blog Content

Writing and promoting blog posts is an essential part of any inbound marketing strategy. Without content, you won’t attract visits from search. And without promoting, you won’t gain the traction you need for your post to shine. But how do you promote the content after all? How do you determine the messaging to use for social and who to target?

This post will walk through how to choose the right hashtags when promoting your blog content.

You Just Finished Your Blog Post. Now What?

Before promoting your content, you need to find out who the major players and thought leaders are in your industry, and incorporate some of the hashtags that are frequently used. Using hashtags that resonate with specific industries and audiences is how you make sure the right eyeballs are seeing your content. After all, you never know who in your industry might find your article helpful and give you a share or retweet.

Finding Specific or Alternative Hashtags

When promoting a piece of content, you need to look for trending hashtags in your industry. Tools like and show you popular industry hashtags, related hashtags, how many people are using a given hashtag, and more. They’re great tools for identifying keywords and hashtags that you may have never even thought about, and it can be powerful to see the search volume of a given hashtag.

Just doing a quick search on for “Inbound,” you can see how the tool shows related hashtags to use.

Use Hashtags That Can Be Used Across Multiple Social Platforms

  • Facebook
  • twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

When promoting your content, think about what hashtags can be used across platforms. Hashtags were created as a way to expand the reach and create awareness to new audiences, and similar to a brand’s slogan or tagline, social promotion should include consistent hashtags on every platform.


Finding and using hashtags is far from an exact science. At the end of the day, be sure you’re getting in front of the people in your industry and are using hashtags that make sense—but feel free to experiment and brainstorm new hashtags too. It’s important to use at least one relevant industry hashtag when promoting your blog post, but have fun with it and see what works with your audience and followers.

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